Contributing Writer, RunnerClick - Oct 2017-present

Weekly contributor to RunnerClick, a site dedicated to offering advice and product reviews to runners. My work deals with plant-based diets, health and wellness, and fitness from a body positive perspective.

Contributing Writer, Unapologetic Feminism - Jan-March 2017

Regular contributor to Unapologetic Feminism, a political media site that shares educational resources, informative listicles, and personal narratives. Pieces provide analysis of issues of gender and sexuality and offer concrete, actionable suggestions for people working for social justice.

Contributing Writer, trans.cafe - July-Dec 2016

Regular contributor to trans.cafe, a lifestyle blog sharing information, educational resources, and personal narratives with the transgender community and our allies.

Intern, Incarcerated Voices - Aug 2013-Feb 2014

Offered writing, proofreading, and editing advice on written submissions for the radio program, corresponding with over 50 currently incarcerated people. Reviewed content from contributors and selected excellent submissions for broadcast on the program. Wrote bi-weekly scholarly literature reviews on topics related to incarcerated life, the criminal justice system, and the prison industrial complex.

Published Work    

Bustle - Dec 2017

    What One Crop-Top Taught Me About Flaunting My Femininity

Into More - Sep 2017-present

    The Rise Of Trans People In Politics

    14 Messages Trans People Want You To Stop Sending On Dating Apps

ThoughtCo - Dec 2017

    Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Explained: An LGBTQIA+ Primer

ParentMap - Dec 2017

    My Child Came Out As Trans- Now What?

Together.guide - Oct 2017

    7 Lessons From a Year of Relationship Anarchy

Healthline.com - Oct 2017


    Deadnaming: What Is It And Why Is It Harmful?

    Cisgender: What Is It?

    Genderqueer: What Does It Mean To Identify As Genderqueer?

    Misgendering: What Does It Mean To Misgender Someone?

Run Smart Online - Nov 2017-present

    Cryotherapy: Cure-All or Harmful Fad?

    The Runner's Winter Dilemma: Train Indoors or Outdoors?

RunnerClick - Oct 2017-present

    12 Helpful Self Care Tips Every Runner Should Try

    Why You Need Moisture Wicking Apparel In Your Life

    Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for Runners

    Holistic Solutions for Managing Knee Pain

Multiamory - Sep 2017

    9 Life Tips from My Experiments in Relationship Anarchy

Huffington Post - Dec 2016-present

    #IAmOneOfThem: Why We Need To Represent Trans People in Our Sexual Assault Advocacy

    Being A Trans Kid Is Hard. Period.

    How Advertisers are Targeting the Trans Community

    It’s Time to Break the Silence About Transmasculine Survivors of Sexual Assault

Unapologetic Feminism - Jan-March 2017

    6 Tips for Being Trans Inclusive in Your Conversations About Reproductive Rights

    We Need to Destigmatize STIs, Now More Than Ever

 GO Magazine Nov 2016-present

    Charli XCX's "Femmebot" Feat. Mykki Blanco and Dorian Electra is My End of 2017 Anthem

    How the CDC Word Ban Bears An Eerie Similarity To The AIDS Crisis

    Sheltered from the Rain: On Trans Day of Remembrance and Rethinking Solidarity

The Establishment - Oct 2016-present

    How Advertisers are Targeting the Trans Community

    ‘Transparent’ and the Growing Pains of Trans Visibility

    The Transgender 'Threat' to Free Speech Is a Lie

trans.cafe - July-Dec 2016

    We Need to Talk About Consent in the Gay and Trans Community

    What the Term ‘Queer’ Means to Me

    5 Helpful Reminders for Non-Binary Folks Considering Physical Transition

    In Defense of the Singular ‘They’: A Guide on the Gender-Neutral Pronoun

    10 Things Cisgender People Can Do to Support Transgender People Right Now

Wellesley Underground - Oct 2014

    Reframing the Conversation: From Inclusivity to Self-Determination


TIME Magazine - Mar 2017

    “Beyond 'He' or 'She': The Changing Meaning of Gender and Sexuality”

BuzzFeed - June 2016

    “We Gave 16 Trans People Makeovers to Honor Their Idols”

Vice Young Americans - Oct 2013



Hampshire College, Hampshire, MA - Apr 2017

    Shifting the Paradigm: A Conversation on AFAB Trans and Non-Binary Survivors of Sexual Assault

The Moon Show, Brooklyn, NY - July 2016

    Reading of original works

University of Albany, EGSO Conference “Transaction”

    Trans Action and Sites of Transaction: The Key Role of Diners, Bars, and Cafeterias in the Formation of the Transgender Movement


New York University, New York, NY - 2015

    M.A. in Gender Politics

    John W. Draper Institute for Humanities and Social Thought

    Thesis: “We Feel Angry, Not Gay”: Queer Rage and Anti-Prison Resistance

Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA - 2010

    B.A. in Philosophy and Theatre Studies